Students and Parents
 Form  Description
Stop Payment ApplicationOpens in new window Reissue or adjust a disbursement check from the university
Replacement IRS Form 1098-T RequestOpens in new window Request a replacement form 1098-T for eligible students
Appeal for a Reversal of Fees ApplicationOpens in new window Appeal for a reversal of registration fees due to course withdrawal (conditions apply)
2021 Extension and International Programs Installment Payment Plan ApplicationPDF File Opens in new window Enroll in tuition installment payment plans for Extension and International Programs (EIP)
2021 Tuition Installment Payment Plan Applications
CSUF Login Required (Not for EIP Payment Plan)
To enroll in resident tuition and non-resisdent tuition installment payment plans
Faculty and Staff
 Form  Description
CASHNet User Authorization Request Form PDF File Request a change in access for users using CASHNet
CASHNet Item Code Request Form PDF File Request adjustments for CSUF Item Codes in CASHNet
eMarket Request FormOpens in new window Request access to using eCommerce solutions
Item Type FormOpens in new window Request a new or modify existing item type in PeopleSoft