Summer 2016 Payment Due Dates

Check Titan Online for the date(s) on which you are eligible to register. For questions regarding your registration appointment, please contact Admissions and Records at (657)278-7601. If you have any holds on your account, you must resolve them at least three (3) business days before registering.

Payments made online via the web are due by 11:30 PM on the due dates given by Titan Online (Web registration). In-person and mail-in payments are due by 5:00 PM on the date given by Titan Online after registering.

Before 05/31/2016

TITAN registration online allows you to register for classes first, and then make a payment. Payments are due within 3 days after you register. If you do not pay your balance in full within 3 days, you will be subject to disenrollment without notice.

5/31/2016 and after

TITAN registration continues to allow you to register for classes first; however, your payment is due immediately on the same day you register. If you do not pay your balance in full on the same day you register, you will be subject to disenrollment without notice.

Third Party Contracts/Sponsored Students

If an embassy or other organization will pay your registration fees and/or tuition, you must submit a current letter of financial guarantee at least three (3) business days prior to your TITAN registration appointment. If this letter is not received prior to your registration appointment, you are responsible for paying your fees. If you have any remaining balance not covered by third party contracts/sponsored, you may be subject to disenrollment if your payment is not received by the deadlines specified above.


  • The University is not responsible for delays in the U.S. Postal Service: postmarks are not considered.
  • If you have decided not to attend CSUF for the current semester, please contact Admissions and Records to ensure that you are formally withdrawn from the University and no registration fees remain on your account. You are responsible for dropping all your classes in the event you are not disenrolled.
  • You will not receive an invoice for your registration fees. To ensure your fees are paid on time and to avoid disenrollment, please check both your financial aid application status and your student account regularly by logging into Titan Online via your student portal ( and click on your Titan Online "Student Center". Select "Account Inquiry" to view any current balances due.
  • If you switch from part-time (0-6 units) to full-time (7+ units), you must pay your additional fees by the due date. If payment in full is not received, all of your classes are subject to disenrollment.
  • You must formally accept a Direct Loan in order for it to qualify you for postponement of your tuition fee payment. If you have been offered a Direct Loan or a Federal Perkins Loan, go to Titan Online and select "View Financial Aid" for the current term. Click on the "Accept/Decline Awards" link and follow the instructions to accept the loan.
  • If you decline your loan and do not have other financial aid, you are responsible for fee payment at the time you register.
  • If you are disenrolled for non-payment, waitlisted students will fill your space in the class and there is no guarantee that space will be available in classes that were dropped.
  • A $25 Late Registration Fee will be assessed for students who register on or after the first day of each term or Summer Session.
  • Email Address - Each student has been issued an e-mail address where University messages will be sent to you. For additional information about your e-mail account, contact (657) 278-7777. Many campus offices have begun utilizing e-mail as the PRIMARY communication mode to the student. Be sure to check your e-mail on a regular basis.


For further information, please contact Student Financial Services at (657) 278-2495 or Please be sure to provide us with your full name and CWID number so that we may access your account.