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Financial Aid Awards


If you have applied for financial aid, you may be eligible to postpone payment of your registration fees until your financial aid is disbursed at the beginning of the semester. To qualify for postponement of fee payment, you must meet the condition below:

You have accepted a financial aid award at the time you register for classes and you have enough anticipated aid to cover your tuition and fees:

    • Most grant funds are automatically accepted on your behalf. Therefore, if State University Grant (SUG), Education Opportunity Grant (EOP), Cal Grant A or B, Federal Pell Grant, or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) are accepted on your account, your fee payment will be postponed and deducted automatically from disbursement.
    • You must formally accept a loan in order for it to qualify you for postponement of your fee payment. If you have been offered a Federal Stafford Loan, Federal Perkins Loan or Dream Loan, go to Titan Online and "View Financial Aid". Click on the "Accept/Decline Awards" link and follow the instructions to accept the loan. The "Account Inquiry" page in Titan Online displays your fee charges and any pending financial aid. If you do not have enough pending financial aid available to offset your charges in full, you must pay the balance.


You are responsible for your registration fees. If your financial aid award becomes unavailable for ANY reason, or is insufficient to pay for fees as initially anticipated, you must pay the balance immediately upon notification. It is your responsibility to ensure that registration fees are paid in full. You may pay via your Student Center.

Check both your financial aid application status and your student account regularly by logging into Titan Online via your Student Portal and click on "Student Center". Select "Account Inquiry" to view any current balances due.


If your lender sends your private loan to the University in a hard-copy check rather than through electronic fund transfer (EFT), the University cannot directly apply your loan check to the balance due on your student account. When you pick up your loan check at Student Financial Services, UH-180, you must submit your payment for your outstanding balance at that time. (Go to Payment Options for acceptable methods of payment.)


If you drop one or more courses after a Federal Pell Grant, Cal Grant B Access Grant or State University Grant was disbursed to you or applied to your University account, you may be billed for some or all Pell Funds disbursed. Visit the Office of Financial Aid to determine how much you would be required to repay. If you receive financial aid and you completely withdraw from the University, we will calculate the amount of federal financial aid you "earned" based on the number of days you were enrolled. You may be required to repay a portion of the funds you received. In addition, the University may be required to refund a portion of tuition/fees and/or on-campus housing charges to one or more federal aid program.

Can I use my financial aid money for a parking permit?

Students are not able to apply their Financial Aid to parking permits.

For further information, please contact Student Financial Services at (657)278-2495 or Please be sure to provide us with your full name and CWID number so that we may access your account.