eMarket Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I access eMarket? Do I need special software or equipment?
A: As the eMarket site owner, you must use a PC and Internet Explorer as your access to eMarket. 

Q: Are customers also required to use PC and Internet Explorer?
A: No. Customers may use any computer or web browser.

Q: How long does it take to get an eMarket site ready for production?
A: Normally, it takes 3 weeks from the last meeting with the SFS department until the site is ready for department viewing. But it also depends on the number of products or stores requested.

Q: What if my department deposits to another bank or a different Well Fargo bank account?
A: We can accommodate your request for a storefront or checkout. However, there will not be an automatic feed to the general ledger. This must be done manually based on reports run by your department. You will also be required to submit the latest copy of the bank statement for the account used for the deposit and obtain a merchant account number from your bank.

Q: Can I add/delete products/services from my eMarket site if I have a CashNet Operator ID with eMarket access?
A: You must complete another Request for eMarket Site Request form and check the box indicating it is a request for additional items. All new products/services must be approved prior to being added to the eMarket site.

Q: What type of credit cards are accepted by eMarket storefront or checkout?
A: Visa/Master/Amex/Discover

Q: How will the money get into my account?
A: Transactions that have occurred on your eMarket site will be processed and deposited to the revenue account(s) that you specified on your eMarket Site Request Form. The money will be deposited the next business day after the transactions have occurred.

Q: Who handles the departmental refund process on the eMarket storefront?
A: Student Financial Services (CP-300) handles all the departmental refund process. The refund is made directly to the credit card used and partial refunds are allowed. You can contact them at cashnetrefunds@fullerton.edu

Q: Will we receive training on how to run reports?
A: Yes.

Q: Whom do we contact for questions about eMarket?
A: Please contact emarket@fullerton.edu or Scott Petersen at 657-278-2759 for more information.