CSU Accounting Guidelines and

Cash Management Policies

It is the policy of the California State University, Chancellor's Office to implement internal controls in the area of cash management. In order to minimize security risks and safeguard campus resources, all faculty and staff members are required to adhere to CSU-wide cash handling and management policies. See below for a general guideline:


Deposits should be made in a timely manner

Funds and resources should be deposited within a reasonable time frame.

Cumulative Receipts

Minimum frequency of Deposits to the Cashier's Office

Up to $499.00
Within 2 business days
$500.00 to $4,999.99
Within 24 hours of collection
$5,000 or more
Same Day Immediately


Cash and Cash Equivalents

3102.03: Acceptance of Cash and Cash EquivalentsOpens in new window

3102.05: Debit/Credit Card Payment PolicyOpens in new window

    • Currency and coins
    • Money Orders
    • Wire Transfers
    • Credit and Debit Cards
    • Checks
      • Made payable to California State University, Fullerton
      • Bank accounts from the US only
      • Dating no earlier than 180 days, or later than the day of acceptance
      • Proper signature
      • Student's name or the student ID number
      • Do not scan checks, or send unaccompanied through campus mail
    • Detecting Counterfeit Money


Security of Cash and Cash Equivalents

3102.02: Segregation of Cash Handling DutiesOpens in new window

    • Cash must be stored in a locked cash box or drawer at all times when not in use
    • Monies for deposit should be held in a locker drawer, box or safe when not deposited the day of receipt
    • Count cash in a secure location out of sight from the public


Transporting Cash and Cash Equivalents

3102.04: Physical Protection of Cash and Cash EquivalentsOpens in new window

    • A locked bag must be used to transport all deposits
    • Deposits must be transported under double custody (two employees)
    • Currency in excess of $2,500 must be escorted by campus police 


 CSUF Cash Management PolicyPDF File Opens in new window